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Your iPhone Will Soon Love Your Corporate Email

Ever wonder what that Exchange Tab was for? Ever wonder if Apple planned to acknowledge the countless iPhone corporate users? Ever wonder if Apple was run by monkeys pushing random buttons for strategy? Well, at the very least you will soon be able to synch your iPhone with an Exchange server.

What does that mean for mobile marketers? One more barrier(including expensive data plans) falls to the wayside leaving users open to finally enjoy accessing the internet via their phone for more and more reasons. Those Apple ads, barring the sluggish Edge network, will start showing up among wealthy influencers everywhere. It means we’re one more step closer to critical mass for a mobile audience…

FINALLY! (Will Apple eventually let me cut and paste?)

A New Day…

With change comes opportunity. As many may already know, I have parted ways with Range Online Media to pursue new opportunities. Exciting times to say the least.

First among these in the short term is a position on the advisory board of a social/mobile start-up in NorCal called MotivePath. Think of them as the technology and team that can quickly link any audience via mobile to a social community or any community back to mobile, all with eye towards driving engagement and loyalty. Very cool stuff, just getting off the ground but driven by an experienced team.

Expect more posts over time covering issues, events, and articles to stir thought and discussion of this crazy thing we call online advertising.